Ve haff vays of mekking you larf

The following internal application comes from a disciple at a company that offers ‘world-class service in the field of injection-moulded products’. Guru’s mole has asked to remain anonymous for reasons that should become abundantly clear…

Internal vacancy: minister of fun

A truly unique, challenging, innovative, demanding, rewarding and career changing role has been created within ***** UK Limited.

The main purpose of this exciting role is to create and maintain a ‘fun’ environment within ***** UK Limited where people will see it not as work but a place of fun and joy where they will enjoy turning up for work each day with a smile on their face and not want to go home.

Main duties of this truly remarkable opportunity include:

  • Dressing up as Santa at Christmas and distribute presents to those selected
  • Playing practical jokes on April Fool’s Day
  • Ensuring all employees embrace the ‘***** Spirit’
  • Ensuring all staff work in harmony
  • To lead the daily singing of the ***** UK Limited anthem.

Salary is dependent on the amount of fun the job holder brings to ***** UK Limited, which will be determined by an employee survey conducted monthly.

While you may laugh at this seemingly inane piece of recruitment, try typing in ‘minister of fun’ into Google and you might be surprised to find companies which are doing this without any hint of irony whatsoever.

It’s also worth remembering that David Mellor was the original ‘minister of fun’ and look where it got him

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