Video Arts introduces free weekly advice sessions to help trainers use digital video clips

Training company Video Arts is running free, half-hour sessions online every week, giving tips and advice to help in-house trainers and training consultants to use digital video clips in their training.

The drop-in, train-the-trainer sessions, which are held online every Thursday afternoon, explain how to download and ‘stream’ digital video clips from Video Arts’s top training films.

The company has developed a digital library of over 1,000 bite-sized clips, each of which lasts three to four minutes and covers a specific learning point, such as: ‘approaching the appraisal correctly’; ‘structuring a coaching conversation’; ‘target setting using SMART’ and ‘giving constructive feedback’.

“Trainers are increasingly streaming video clips in their training, YouTube-style, to achieve greater impact,” said Martin Addison, Managing Director of Video Arts. “Every week, we’re running 30-minute sessions to show how anyone can paste memorable, relevant clips from our top titles into a PowerPoint presentation and also how they can use them in pre or post course emails.”

The online advice sessions for in-house trainers run at 2.30pm each Thursday, followed by separate sessions for training consultants at 3.30pm. All participants also receive a month’s free access to Video Arts’s library of digital clips.

“Trainers can preview the clips to plan their training and we have a dedicated team to help them find the right clip for their needs,” said Martin Addison. “If they decide to continue beyond the trial period, we have a Pay-as-you-go licence option which lets them pay for the clips they use.”

Video Arts’s Pay-as-you-go model is similar to a mobile phone top-up service, as credits are bought in advance and used when required. The clips are priced at £10 each for 24-hour usage.

“Licensing issues have previously prevented independent consultants and training companies from using our resources in their client training,” said Martin Addison. “With Pay-as-you-go, they can now pick and mix clips from our top titles and use them to demonstrate behaviours better and to reinforce their learning messages.”




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