We should call time on pay based on length of service

I read your front-page news story ‘HR profession is bastion of age-based pay inequality’ (Personnel Today, 3 October) with interest and, sadly, no surprise. Organisations are struggling to create pay structures that are based on performance rather than time served. Interestingly, Genesis Housing is in the process of introducing a far more commercial approach to pay and reward that moves away from public sector pay structures and time-served pay increases.

Having previously worked in local authorities and seen how London boroughs, in particular, are struggling with equal pay issues, I am sympathetic to why it is taking so long to unpick. However, for those organisations that do, we then have to overcome the perception of prospective staff – that time-served increments are attractive – by paying good base salaries in the first place.

Cara Davani

Group director, corporate services,

Genesis Housing Group

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