Webinar: Social media at work – what social tools mean for HR

Personnel Today’s webinar on the hot topic of social media in the workplace looks at the question of whether or not HR should control employees’ use of social media, and also focuses on increasingly social ways of working and the impact this will have on organisations.

Our expert panel examines how companies are using emerging social tools and the numerous ways they can benefit HR, and discusses the following issues:

  • How much trust should you put in your employees?
  • What are the ramifications of banning social media?
  • How are social tools changing the business landscape?
  • Why social media can boost recruitment, retention, learning and development, engagement and more.

Personnel Today editor Rob Moss hosts the discussion and is joined by: Matthew Hanwell, HR director, communities and social media at Nokia; Jon Ingham, HR consultant, author and blogger; and Ofir Guetta, social collaboration leader for IBM.

Click here to view the on-demand version of this webinar.

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