What can I earn as… an HR administrator in East Anglia?

How to get into it

This is very much an entry-level position and is, therefore, suited to recent graduates hoping to break into HR.

That said, employers tend to seek those candidates with previous administrative experience, so given the large number of applicants these roles tend to attract, a shrewd choice of jobs during university holidays could end up paying dividends.

If you have no hands-on experience, an HR-related degree, such as a BA in HR management, will more than suffice.

What you need to succeed

A degree is advantageous but not always a necessity. You must demonstrate a keen interest in HR, along with the ability to learn quickly and multi-task. Strong organisational skills are a must, as is the need to prove yourself capable of dealing with sensitive matters in the strictest of confidence.

What is involved

You will be responsible for providing a full range of administrative support to the HR department. As well as acting as the first point of contact for HR enquiries, you will maintain the department’s information systems, and be involved in the writing and distribution of letters and memos. It is also likely that you will have to take minutes at any meetings where HR representatives are present.


Excellent. Once you have proven yourself capable of handling your duties, you should find yourself gradually being given more responsibility – hopefully in an area of your choice. Should you choose to remain in the field of HR, the next step would be to move into the role of either HR assistant or HR adviser, and there is no reason why the experience gained in this position shouldn’t lead to these sorts of opportunities.


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