Women in Northern Ireland earn £100 a week less than male counterparts

Women in Northern Ireland earn almost £100 a week less then their male colleagues, a government report revealed.

The average income for female workers in Northern Ireland in 2004-05 was £164 per week, compared to £260 for men.

The Department for Social Development’s Individual Incomes Series report showed women typically earn 37% less than men.

Anne McKernan, casework director for the Equality Commission, said women were more likely to have career breaks due to caring responsibilities.

“Employment in Northern Ireland remains strongly segregated by gender. This report demonstrates the importance of the societal differences between men and women’s participation in the economy and the workforce,” she said.

McKernan said the report revealed “a gap in income based on gender which has to be of great concern”.

Equality Commission for Northern Ireland

Department for Social Development in Northern Ireland

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