Work-related road accidents kill 1,000 a year

Work-related road accidents may be killing as many as 1,000
people a year,
according to government-backed research.

In addition to this another 82,000 people are injured,
12,000 seriously while driving for work in the UK.

The figures are published in a report by the Work-Related
Road Safety Task Group, which also finds that accidents are costing employers

The report calls for investigations into road accidents to
consider whether employers had set unrealistic schedules or asked staff to
drive when tired or use
mobile phones while on the

It also recommends that the HSE should publish guidelines
for employers advising them of a duty to manage the safety of workers while at
work on the road.

TUC general secretary, John Monks, called on employers to
protect staff and develop improved policies for workrelated driving.

"It’s time to end the hidden scandal of workrelated deaths on the road.
One thousand deaths a year is nearly three times the number of workers killed
at the workplace," he said.

"There’s no longer any excuse for workrelated road safety not to be treated
as a health and safety issue. Employers must start carrying out risk
assessments and developing good policies to protect their staff. It is clearly
a criminal act that they should put their staff and others at risk by not
managing the safety of their employees at work."

By Ross Wigham

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