Workshops show how to improve training by understanding the personalities of trainees

A series of half-day regional workshops showing how organisations can improve the effectiveness of their training programmes, by taking into account the different personalities of the trainees, will be held in London, Coventry, Manchester, Edinburgh and Bristol.

Called Type in the Training Room, each workshop will explain how trainers can design appropriate training programmes and adapt their ‘personal style’ to suit the learning preferences of their trainees.

It will also show how they can avoid trouble and conflict in the training room and ensure that the learning is actually applied back in the workplace.

“The secret of delivering effective training is to incorporate a variety of learning approaches and activities that will appeal to your trainees,” said Dr Clare Howard, Managing Director of personality assessment experts Academy28, who will run the workshops.

“You have to know how people like to learn and understand the different ways that you can explain and present the content. Then you have to adapt your training style to suit the learning preferences of each person.”

The participants at each workshop will go through a 10-minute online assessment, designed by Academy28, which gives an instant report on their personal style and temperament, how they like to train, how they interact with others and how they should train people with different learning preferences.

Trainees can also use the assessment to identify how they like to learn.

“There are 16 different personality ‘types’, so any training group is likely to have a mix of learning styles,” said Dr Howard. “These workshops will help you firstly to understand the personalities that make up your training group and secondly to flex your style to meet their needs. As a result, you’ll deliver much more effective training.”

The workshop price of £275 (plus VAT) includes a buffet lunch. Discounts are available for multiple bookings.

All attendees will receive a certificate which counts towards their continuous professional development.

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