Workstation launches Jobshout recruitment tool

Recruitment specialist Workstation has launched Jobshout, an online content management system (CMS) and hosted job board software. Targeted at HR professionals and recruiters, it makes it easy to publish jobs on your own website and to raise your profile on search engines such as Google and MSN.

Jobshout quickly and seamlessly adds a branded job board to your website, with no capital costs or technical expertise involved. “We can literally have a job board up and running within an hour,” says managing director Nathan Mayatt, “and that means a site that reflects the look and feel of the main site, as well as the client’s branding.”

As well as allowing non-technical users a way to publish jobs on the web, Jobshout does quite a bit more too. For a start it automatically optimises each page in order to get good search engine rankings, and it tells you how well they are doing – where you are ranking in particular keyword searches, how many page views each job is getting, where your visitors are coming from, and whether they are coming back.

Publishing a job on the web is simply a case of using a web form and entering the appropriate content. Jobshout does the rest, formatting each job perfectly, finding other similar positions and adding them as links, optimising the content for search engines and monitoring performance of each ad. And the system allows visitors to either go to lists of jobs based on market sectors or to do sophisticated searches, based on salary, locations, skills and other keywords.

Recruitment using digital media can transform the way companies recruit staff, cut costs and improve the quality of people that you hire, says Mayatt. “It’s not just a question of what you are hiring for at the moment, but also of getting people to register an interest for when positions become vacant in the future. There are large amounts of ad expenditure and agency fees to save, if you can manage your online recruitment process correctly.”

Jobshout is currently offering a two-month no-risk trial.

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