Young people in UK more likely to apply for job if it meant chance to work abroad

More than half of young people in the UK are more likely to apply for a job if it meant the opportunity to work abroad, new research has found.

The survey, commissioned by fast food giant McDonald’s, polled more than 800 16-25-year-olds across seven European countries about their attitudes to work and travel.

The findings, which are released to mark the first anniversary of McDonald’s ‘McPassport’ scheme, show young people in the UK are motivated by the prospect of discovering a different culture and meeting new people (31%), hungry for new experiences (19%), and gaining experience of the world before they settle down (13%).

Some 55% of young UK adults would be encouraged to go for a job that offered travel opportunities.

This summer, more than 100 McDonald’s employees worked in restaurants in Berlin, Paris and London, with no need to go through the interview process again.

In total, nearly 600 employees have also enquired about the scheme.

Cecile Staner, vice-president, chief HR officer at McDonald’s Europe, said: “The scheme reaches beyond the basics – it is the most significant private sector initiative promoting European employee mobility and caters perfectly for our workforce – many of which are young adults.”

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