Zubka launches in the Netherlands

Zubka today announces the launch of its Netherlands-based referral recruitment business and local language website.

The service is being taken to market in partnership with Ambitious People, via its Recruitment Toolbox.

This development ensures the continued advancement of the Zubka referral recruitment model into key locations around the globe at the same time as ensuring a totally local service for all Dutch Hirers and Connectors.
Ambitious People’s Recruitment Toolbox is designed to provide Dutch companies with best-in-class solutions for popular recruitment methodologies.

Zubka was the obvious choice for the referral recruitment element of the offering following an in depth evaluation of all available services.

Ambitious People is also undertaking sales and business development for Zubka in The Netherlands, actively generating partnerships with leading companies in the region.
“When building the Recruitment Toolbox, it was imperative that we ensured the very best solutions were incorporated;” commented Kaan Anit, founder of Ambitious People.

“We have a wealth of business contacts and opportunities here in the Netherlands and feel it is our job to make sure they have the finest tools on the market in place to drive their recruitment success.

“Zubka is the clear winner in the referral recruitment space and it is being very well received both in my country and around the world.”
Zubka, which launched in 2006 to a global fanfare, has built its business into a leading global recruitment resource, tapping into the wealth of professional contacts each member has to ensure the very best people are recommended for vacancies, regardless of location, job hunting activity or current employment.

Zubka already has both English and German versions of its referral recruitment offering and has gained further traction into mainland Europe via this new relationship. 
“The Netherlands has been a key target for Zubka for some time due to its fast growing economy;” added Armando Ruffini, CEO of Zubka.

“There is a lot of innovation happening right now, especially in the technology and creative industries, which makes getting the right people in place more important and more challenging. Zubka helps by ensuring that its members throughout the world are actively incentivised to recommend those they know for relevant vacancies.”
“This is a great example of how our distributed referral strategy provides deeper integration in key locations;” added Colette Delaney-Smith, COO of Zubka. 

“By working with selective partners who really understand the potential of the Zubka model, we are delivering a better recruitment solution direct to the heart of the communities that will benefit from it the most. There many further partnerships in the pipeline already which will see Zubka become the local choice for referral recruitment around the world.” 
Netherlands based Zubka includes all the features and functions of Zubka’s global recruitment service.

Signing up, posting vacancies, searching and making referrals work exactly the same as Zubka’s proven dotcom service, with the benefit of being in the Dutch language.

Hirers already using Zubka’s innovative recruitment service in the region include Netsociety, Funda, Van der Moolen, Huxley Associates, InGenio and Experian.

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