Severe weather

londonstormWhen severe weather hits it can bring up a number of issues for employers around areas such as: pay, leave, safety and employee rights.

During floods or snow many employees may not be able to make it into work due to disruption to public transport and some businesses may be forced to close.

This can raise issues for employers around paying employees who are unable to make it into work.

Here employers can keep up-to-date with the latest news and guidance on severe weather and check their local weather forecast for the coming days.


Severe weather



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    The home page of the Northern Ireland’s traffic information service. Includes live traffic bulletins and traffic watch cameras.
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    Information on all forms of public transport in London, including routes, maps, journey planner and online tickets sales.
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    Current services bulletin for National Rail Enquiries, includes details of scheduled and unscheduled changes to timetables.