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Time management for HR professional (webinar)

Time management for the HR professional (webinar)

ON DEMAND | HR professionals juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities every day. These can range from the ...


A place for telephone consultations in occupational health

1 Jan 2014

Health consultations over the telephone have advantages over face-to-face meetings, but are used less frequently. OH adviser Helen Rodway examines...

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Easing chronic back pain with the Alexander technique

7 Oct 2013

A set of exercises can offer non-prescription relief for those with back pain. Alexander technique teacher Mille Ball finds out...

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Vision screening put to the test

9 Aug 2013

Ways to measure eye health in the workplace are explored by Professor David Thomson as he concludes his short series.In...

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Eyesight and vision in the workplace

5 Jul 2013

Good vision is often a requirement for many professions. In part one of this two-part series on vision, Professor David...

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Taking a history and making a functional assessment

1 Jun 2013

 During a clinical assessment, a patient’s history can be the key to helping an OH professional decide if someone is...

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How to handle hand-arm vibration syndrome

1 May 2013

It’s easy to underestimate the risks that can come with working with vibrating power tools on a daily basis. Occupational...

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Sharps practice in occupational health – what you need to know

1 Apr 2013

Occupational health nurse adviser Diane Romano-Woodward gives an overview of the legislation and best practice surrounding the use of sharps...

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Managing the risks to lone workers

1 Mar 2013

Lone workers can face risks those in an office environment may not even think about. Walter Brennan explains how to...

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Contracts and occupational health: what you need to know

1 Feb 2013

Contracts are an important business tool and most OH practitioners will need to deal with them as part of their...

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Maximising your occupational health budget

1 Jan 2013

Most occupational health practitioners will face having to make a convincing argument to the budget setters for adequate resourcing of...

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How to treat panic attacks in the workplace: a case study

1 Aug 2012

Employees who suffer from anxiety-driven panic attacks will require extra support in the workplace. The following case study describes the...

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Guidance on occupational health case report writing

1 May 2012

Case management reports should ensure that all occupational health referrals are dealt with in an efficient and timely manner. Lara...

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The growing importance of continuing professional development

28 Feb 2012

The tough economic climate is creating pressure on HR professionals to perform well and achieve quick results while demonstrating evidence...

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Work-relevant MSDs and the older workforce

1 Oct 2011

Organisations must ensure that they are able to provide a healthy and productive environment for older workers, says Kathy Lewis.When...

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