Employment tribunals

Employment rights are enforced in the employment tribunal. For example, employment tribunals consider complaints of unfair dismissal and discrimination. Employment tribunals can also consider breach of contract claims if the value of the claim does not exceed £25,000.

Employment tribunal proceedings are started by the claimant completing and submitting an ET1 claim form within the required time limit. The ET3 response form is the employer's response to the claim form.

Fees are payable and an early conciliation process must be followed before an employment tribunal claim can proceed.

Multiple case numbers soar at employment tribunals

14 Mar 2021

Working time replaces unfair dismissal as largest source of tribunal claims.

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Employment law specialist wins £168,000 in unfair dismissal case

11 Mar 2021

Elizabeth Aylott suffered from anxiety and depression and was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder after leaving her job at BPP University.

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Union alleges Yodel underpaid night shift workers

9 Mar 2021

The GMB Union is taking Yodel to tribunal over claims hundreds of night workers were underpaid.

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Nurse who blew whistle on race-based shift allocation wins £26k compensation

23 Feb 2021

A paediatric nurse who alleged racial discrimination and was banned from booking shifts as a result has been awarded £26,000 in compensation.

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Tube driver injured at work was unfairly dismissed

16 Feb 2021

Lisa Stewart was accused by London Underground of dishonestly claiming she had been injured at work.

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Employee who took cannabis for back pain unfairly dismissed

8 Feb 2021

Employment tribunal finds that an employer did not take into account an employee’s medical reasons for taking cannabis before dismissing him.

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Employment lawyers: ‘tribunals effective and judges top of their game’

4 Feb 2021

Lawyers describe the suggestion by The Times that employment judges are inexperienced as ‘idiotic’ and ‘insulting’.

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Victim of NHS manager’s practical joke wins £10k pay out

4 Feb 2021

An employment tribunal finds trust was breached after a manager played a practical joke on an employee who had just returned from sick leave.

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Legal sector denies claim that tribunal judges are ‘inexperienced’

1 Feb 2021

Article in The Times attacking employment tribunals over quality of judges and number of ‘equality cases’ comes under fire over alleged distortions.

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Tesco manager sacked for restraining thief wins £43,000

27 Jan 2021

A Tesco store manager fired for manhandling a shoplifter has been awarded £43,100 for unfair dismissal at the employment tribunal.

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Employee surveillance: getting the balance right

22 Jan 2021

Labour has called for greater protections for workers whose employers use software to monitor activity while working from home –...

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Worker wins race discrimination claim at curry supplier

20 Jan 2021

A man who worked for a curry supplier has won a race discrimination claim after being told he did not...

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Ryanair pilots’ trade union detriment case over first hurdle

20 Jan 2021

Ryanair pilots who saw their staff travel benefits removed after they took part in a strike in 2019 will have...

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Equal pay: Tesco ordered to disclose warehouse staff pay information

15 Jan 2021

Tesco has been ordered by the Employment Appeal Tribunal to disclose information it holds about how much its warehouse staff...

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‘Best fit’ hire lands NHS trust with ageism pay-out

14 Jan 2021

A young, mainly female team influenced a hiring decision concerning a 50-year-old man, leading to his successful claim for age and sex discrimination.

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