Lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) diversity includes all aspects of sexuality and gender identity. Employees perform best when they can be themselves so its important that employers provide a framework to ensure people identifying as LGBT are fully included. LGBT is sometimes lengthened to include Q (queer) and I (intersex) to make LGBTQI or LGBT+.

CPD: supporting transgender people in work

In the second article in her two-part series, Dawn Wyvern looks at practical ways employers, with the help of occupational...

Transitioning at work: Aoife Martin talks to Oven-Ready HR

26 Mar 2021

This powerful, moving and uplifting interview on Oven-Ready HR shines a light on the extraordinary journey and bravery shown by Aoife Martin.

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CPD: Transition period – supporting employees through gender transitioning

5 Mar 2021

The process of gender transitioning is complex and not undertaken lightly. As Dawn Wyvern explains in the first of a...

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LGBT inclusivity: Post-pandemic steps for HR

25 Feb 2021

Amazon's Gareth Johnson outlines some next steps on LGBT inclusivity as employers consider a return to the office.

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Christian actress loses legal case after anti-LGBT comments

17 Feb 2021

An actress who was stripped of a role following the discovery of anti-gay comments on Facebook has lost a tribunal...

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LGBT+ workers experience higher levels of conflict at work

11 Feb 2021

More than four in 10 LGB+ workers have experienced a work-based conflict in the last year, rising to 55% for trans workers.

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TSB sets diversity targets for first time

8 Feb 2021

TSB has for the first time set targets to increase diversity within its organisation.

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How to keep LGBT employees safe abroad

8 Feb 2021

It may not seem a burning issue right now, but there good reasons for firms to meet the needs of LGBT+ employees who need to travel or be resident abroad.

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KMPG partner pay cut by 11% as it sets out hybrid working plan

3 Feb 2021

KPMG has cut the pay of its UK partners by 11% and is rethinking its office estate as it focuses...

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23 Jan 2021

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Unilever to require all suppliers to pay living wage

21 Jan 2021

Unilever has set out wide-ranging plans to improve equality and access to skills in bid to benefit society internationally.

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Transgender people more likely to be out of work and on lower pay

2 Dec 2020

Transgender people are more likely to be unemployed and to receive lower wages compared to non-transgender people, according to a...

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Public bodies ‘paying thousands’ for LGBT diversity champion status

2 Nov 2020

More than 850 organisations in the public and private sectors are part of Stonewall's Diversity Champions programme, which gives employers guidance on LGBT inclusion.

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BBC journalists banned from attending ‘controversial’ events

30 Oct 2020

BBC journalists are no longer able to attend events that may be ‘controversial’, including demonstrations about LGBT issues or Black...

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What does the Jaguar Land Rover judgment mean for employers?

13 Oct 2020

A recent tribunal judgment found that non-binary individuals can fall under the protected characteristic of gender reassignment. Employers should review...

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