25% of candidates from The IT Job Board have updated their CV in the last three months

Statistics taken from The IT Job Board CV Database show that more than 25 percent of its European candidate base have updated their CVs in the last three months.

One year on from its launch[1], The IT Job Board’s bespoke CV Database has grown considerably and is proving a real hit with candidates, employers and recruitment consultants alike. The system provides clients with access to more than 210,000 CVs across Europe. Recruiters are able to search for candidates using a combination of skills, phrases and location search terms. Through ‘Best Match’ functionality they can also view other CVs that match their desired criteria.

40% of candidates (across Europe) on the CV Database have web development, and project management skills, which supports the company’s 2010 predictions.

From a candidate perspective – the growth of the CV Database highlights that online behaviour is shifting and indicates that this is now a core channel to market.

Alex Farrell, managing director at The IT Job Board, comments: “CV Databases are undoubtedly creating real behavioural changes on the candidate side. IT professionals are now demonstrating a real eagerness to ‘get their CVs out there’, and through the use of CV Databases, they are proactively marketing themselves to potential employers – in a bid to be effectively headhunted.

“A skills gap still exists in the IT sector, and IT candidates (across Europe) realise that the only way to be spotted in this competitive environment is to actively market themselves online.”

The IT Job Board’s CV Database has grown dramatically in both size and breadth since launch, and – today – represents the most content-rich for the IT sector.

Farrell adds: “We have also found head-hunters and recruitment agencies embracing the tool – helping them to fill niche, or specialist roles, taking advantage of the volume and quality of candidates. CV Databases also create a cost-effective route to market, and – I believe – they will continue to grow in both size and popularity.

“And, this tool really allows us to see what skills are out there in abundance, and match a role much more easily. Tens of thousands of candidates’ CVs are being refreshed on a monthly basis and recruiters are impressed with the richness and quality of candidates they are seeing through their targeted CV search.”

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