Frontier Software to supply WEB Aruba with chris21

Frontier Software plc has won a contract to supply WEB Aruba with chris21, a comprehensive human resource integrated solution, together with additional modules: L&D21 Learning and Development and HR21 Employee Self Service Module.

WEB Aruba, Water-en Energie Bedrijf Aruba NV, is a water and energy supplier in Aruba, Netherlands Antilles, West Indies with 300 employees and contacted Frontier Software via Deloittes, the global consultancy. 

Andrew Fingal, IT Manager with WEB Aruba, comments:  “In conjunction with Deloittes, we decided that this was the best software solution that we have seen.”

Installation is scheduled for early 2010, with a go-live date soon after.  Lucia Werleman, HR Officer Training & Development at WEB Aruba, says:  “Our HR strategy has identified that some HRM responsibility will be decentralized to the line managers and we needed a HR system to achieve this – chris21 has demonstrated that this is possible.  We were previously using a MS Access Custom-made HRM application but Frontier Software’s integrated solution will give us much more flexibility.” 

Frontier Software is a global supplier of integrated human resource and payroll solutions and has 1400 clients in 13 countries.  For further information about chris21, Frontier Software’s comprehensive human resource integrated solution, telephone 0845 370 3210, or visit the website.

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