2WayTrust launches no-scoring approach to Performance Appraisals

2WayTrust has launched a performance appraisal product that aims to raise performance via a groundbreaking process.   2WayTrust Appraisals is based on three key elements – it has no scoring system, it revolves around self-assessment and the conclusions are shared amongst the whole team.

Managing Director of 2WayTrust, Pete Ashby, said, “We have developed 2WayTrust Appraisals in response to the feedback that we have received from many of the HR Directors and members of top teams that we have worked with over the past few years.”

He continued, “Many have no confidence in their existing appraisal system and feel that appraisals have become over-complicated and do little to improve performance.  That is why we have created this new script for team leaders to refocus appraisals on how individuals can change their behaviour to improve the performance of the team as a whole.”

2WayTrust Appraisals aims to do this in two stages:

  1. There is a series of one-to-ones between the team leader and the members of the team.  Everything that is said is off the record, and it’s this that encourages an open discussion around the individual’s performance based on a high degree of self-assessment.  The team leader then writes down a page of key outcomes for each one-to-one, which is on the record.
  2. The handwritten outcomes notes are then shared at a special team meeting where individuals share what they see as the most important conclusion of their one-to-one.  The team as a whole then discuss how they can better support each other to achieve their goals and raise performance.


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