A third of Eastern Europe’s migrant workers are UK managers

One third of migrant workers from Eastern Europe are taking up office managerial posts in the UK, a report has revealed.

The research, by accountancy firm Ernst & Young Item Club, disproves the stereotypical image of Polish workers becoming builders and cleaners.

“The stereotype of the Polish plumber is well wide of the mark,” the report said.

Nearly one-third of UK entrants who arrived last year are now working in management services, business and administration roles, compared with just 4% in the construction sector and 12% in agriculture.

About 300,000 citizens of the 10 countries that joined the European Union two years ago have taken new jobs in the UK, The Independent reported.

Professor Peter Spencer, chief economic adviser to Ernst & Young Item Club, said the new workforce would contribute a significant boost to the UK economy.

“The UK workforce has been younger, more flexible and economical, easing the pensions burden and keeping interest rates lower than many commentators could have predicted,” he said.


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