Accero releases Version 6.0 and new web user interface to UK customers

Comprehensive release features and an optional web-based user interface will enable Accero’s UK clients to gain process efficiencies and enjoy higher productivity

Accero (formerly Cyborg Systems), a leading international provider of Payroll, Human Resources and Benefits Management solutions, today announced the availability to its UK customers of version 6.0 of the Accero-Cyborg HCM (Human Capital Management) system.

The Accero-Cyborg 6.0 release delivers payroll and HR process efficiencies based on real-world recommendations from clients and consultants, resulting in higher productivity for companies and better service to their employees. Many of the enhancements automate common processes, thus enabling HR staff to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on strategic HR initiatives.

Along with the general availability of version 6.0 in the UK, Accero is also announcing Fast Forward™, an optional, browser-based user interface that adds a significant new dimension to the Accero-Cyborg core system. Fast Forward offers advanced search facilities, easier navigation, enhanced query and reporting and simple-to-use exporting capabilities.  The new interface streamlines the act of finding, reviewing or editing Human Resources and Payroll data, saving customers valuable time and improving department productivity.

Among the new features, Accero version 6.0 with Fast Forward offers additional Microsoft® Excel integration with the capability to export reports and lists directly to Excel or Adobe® pdf format.  Automatic emailing of these outputs is another new time-saving feature.   Better auditing and debugging tools, combined with enhanced security and usability statistics, are included to help customers manage corporate risk.

“The 6.0 release is the first major release since Cyborg became Accero, and it clearly demonstrates the focus and commitment we have to delivering industry-leading HCM solutions to our customers in North America and the United Kingdom,” said Tom Malone, CEO of Accero. “The Accero-Cyborg solution is proven and time-tested, and with 6.0 the solution makes a giant leap forward in providing our customers with solid HCM capabilities.”

Release 6.0 upgrade assistance in the UK is available through Accero’s Professional Services group, a team of consultants who employ a best practices implementation model based on the experience of hundreds of upgrades. Customers who elect to perform the upgrade on their own will be provided with the same tools as the consultants, including all documentation, utilities, checklists and project plans.

To encourage customers to upgrade to version 6.0, Accero is offering a special discount on Fast Forward to those who place their order before the end of September of this year. 


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