Alliance offer locals an escape from redundancy

Bolton based training provider Alliance Learning is to introduce a ‘response to redundancy’ scheme in order to help local people who have recently been made unemployed or who are facing redundancy.

The government have put £100 million into the ‘response to redundancy’ scheme in an attempt to get skilled individuals who have recently been made unemployed, back into a job that suits them and their skill base.

Sourced through Manchester learning provider, Mantra, the scheme is being offered as an incentive by Alliance Learning to offer locals the much needed support they require to get them back on their feet.

Mantra Learning is working with a collaboration of the North West’s most experienced training providers, Alliance Learning being one of them, to offer a wide range of support and training across numerous sectors.

The aim of the scheme is targeted at helping individuals improve vital skills needed to get them back into employment such as; CV building, interview techniques, assessment and advice on training needs and personalised skills training across a range of trade sectors.

All training is completely free for learners. The only stipulations are you must be over 18, have been made redundant within the last 3 months and possess a keen desire to get yourself back into the work place!

Karen Wolfenden, Head of Sales at Alliance Learning said:

“The introduction of this scheme allows Alliance Learning to help local individuals at a time when they probably feel like there are no other employment avenues to explore. We are sensitive to the disappointment of redundancy and work tirelessly with each person to ensure the training they receive prepares them for a return to their known industry or a career change to a new trade.”

For more information about the response to redundancy scheme or to find out if you are eligible please contact Alliance Learning on 01204 677800.

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