Amnis results reveals strong growth in last year

The specialist healthcare quality, innovation and productivity improvement enabler, Amnis, has reported strong growth over the past year. In particular, the company has seen its annual turnover rise by 60 per cent and gross profit rise by some 15 per cent, with the strongest growth in its training and transformational change support areas.

Amnis’ managing director, Mark Eaton, pointed out: “In the past year, Amnis has trained over 1,375 people in such subjects as ‘Lean’, project management, change management and team development and supported the redesign of many healthcare pathways in a wide range of organisations.”

Of the training provided, ‘Lean’ and project management are the most popular; with healthcare clients accounting for some 67% of all training support provided by Amnis over the last year.

Although continuing to focus on the healthcare sector, Amnis has recently begun expanding its activities into the public sector – notably with the local government sector – and is already having a number of successes.

“Since our inception, our basic philosophy has been to provide hands-on, practical support and to really give our clients the capability to lead their own programmes and transformational change activities,” explained Ruth Bodman, Amnis’ director of client services.

“Obviously, healthcare organisations deal with complex issues and so it requires a sophisticated approach to ensuring that both its people and processes adhere to the highest standards in terms of quality, innovation, productivity and prevention,” she added.

“So, while Amnis can offer some highly valuable guidance to the healthcare sector in terms of improving the speed and efficiency of its processes, it also stresses the need to take human factors into account at every level of activity within a healthcare organisation.”




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