Apathy reigns as Peugeot workers are split over possiblity of industrial action

Peugeot employees set to lose their jobs when the car manufacturer closes its plant in Coventry have responded with apathy to union calls for strike action.

About 2,300 jobs are set to go at the plant in Ryton after Peugeot said high production and logistical costs meant the group was unable to justify the investment needed for the production of future vehicles.

Unions have threatened industrial action in conjunction with French unions to put pressure on the company to reconsider. But when the unions asked workers if it was a good idea yesterday the response was split.

Ryton worker, Dawn McGuckin, told the Financial Times the unions were talking about picketing dealerships across the country and trying to persuade delivery companies not to deliver on time, but workers were not convinced.

“I’d say [the vote] was about 50:50,” she said. “The unions want to fight. but it is a waste of time, they’ll just shut us down sooner.”

Amicus general secretary, Derek Simpson, blamed weak UK labour laws for encouraging Peugeot to shut the factory, claiming it cost £100,000 to make a French worker redundant while maximum statutory redundancy stands at £5,000 for 20 years service in the UK.

“It’s a travesty that British jobs are held so cheaply by their elected representatives,” he said.

For more on France’s employment troubles, go to: www.personneltoday.com/34948.article

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