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Win a hamper: Guru’s Christmas quiz – a sense of deja vu

16 Dec 2008

In a year gripped by the credit crunch and the insane stupidity of the financial services sector, Guru stood aloof from all of that and focused on the real issues. And to give his loyal followers the chance of receiving a Christmas bonus he has devised a cunning quiz, to ensure that at least one reader gets a thumping great Fortnum & Mason hamper.

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Legally-savvy human resources professionals in high demand

15 Feb 2008

A new dawn is rising for human resources – that of the legal eagle. Ever since legendary guru Dave Ulrich first...

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Guru: Nutty way to treat migrant workers

3 Sep 2007

According to business folklore, ‘if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys’, but gangmasters in Cornwall recently took ignoring the minimum...

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