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Public sector cuts need long-term focus

22 Nov 2011

The public sector cuts lack a strategic approach and focus on the short term rather than the future, argues Angela...

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Be sure to renew your energy banks to keep creativity flowing

18 Feb 2008

How is 2008 going? Are you fit and ready for anything, or have you just noticed that: Your clothes haven’t...

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Bad manners: 10 commandments to guarantee a rude awakening

24 Jul 2007

Having experienced a particularly unpleasant journey on the Tube one hot and sticky morning, I complained to a friend, who...

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Embrace technology to transform HR’s delivery HR

20 Sep 2005

Most people who know me are aware of how dysfunctional I am in relation to anything technical.

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Positive thinking at the CPS

27 Jul 2004

HR director Angela O’Connor is set to continue transforming the Crown Prosecution Service’s image by eradicating racism and negativity from...

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