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Corporate social responsibility: what’s it worth?

20 May 2009

As the recession drags on, corporate social responsibility risks finding itself on the back-burner. But will it stay there when the economy picks up? And is it a valuable contributor to the business, or just a sop to those who feel guilty about working in the corporate sector? Kate Hilpern investigates.

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Jargon: War of words

1 Apr 2009

Business jargon is loathed by many, and HR is prone to this confusing way of communicating. But is it always pointless, or just misunderstood? Kate Hilpern investigates.

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Redundancy and disability

23 Mar 2009

Making redundancies is never desirable or easy, but if those affected have a disability the legal pitfalls for HR are even greater. We look at how to approach the issue fairly.

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Equal pay: keep banging the drum

17 Oct 2008

Are equal pay audits a costly waste of time, or the only way to enforce pay equality?

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Flexible working: part-time, full potential?

30 Apr 2008

There's a huge body of research to suggest staff who take time off to have a family are disadvantaged at work. But what can HR realistically do to ensure part-time carers are treated equally to full-time workers? Kate Hilpern reports.

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Crushing defeat for TUPE Bill

14 Apr 2008

The recent Bill that attempted to extend TUPE legislation to cover takeovers by private equity firms that purchase a majority...

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The future of HR: From HR to eternity

25 Feb 2008

Many aspects of life in HR have changed dramatically since 1988, but will the pace of change be the same...

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Law in practice: sexual orientation

17 Dec 2007

Lesbian, gay and bisexual people have long had to put up with inappropriate banter in the workplace. At Lloyds TSB,...

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Diversity: the unfairer sex

20 Aug 2007

Stereotypical views of women from ethnic minorities still abound in the UK workplace, and HR has a key role to...

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