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Sarah Welfare

About Sarah Welfare

Sarah is director of Work & Pay Research. A former HR practice editor on XpertHR, she has previously worked for organisations including Industrial Relations Services, the Equal Opportunities Commission and the CBI.

Most employers have used settlement agreements, XpertHR survey finds

20 May 2015

Most employers have signed a settlement agreement with an employee over the past year, but only a small minority use...

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Global HR

Compliance tops list of international HR headaches, survey finds

9 Dec 2014

Keeping up-to-date with employment law requirements is the biggest challenge for international HR, according to XpertHR’s first major survey on...

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Employee assistance programmes - a call centre taking calls from employees

Employee assistance programmes rated as “high impact, low cost”

3 Nov 2014

Employee assistance programmes (EAPs) are effective in supporting staff overcome challenges at work and home in a cost-effective way, a...

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HR supports shared parental leave

HR backs shared parental leave plans

14 Jul 2014

HR professionals support the new right to shared parental leave due to come into force in 2015, but have concerns about how it will work in practice, according to new research.

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dual discrimination

Harriet Harman would bring back dual discrimination concept

5 Mar 2014

The Labour Party would implement the dual discrimination Regulations in the Equality Act if it returned to government, its deputy...

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