Banker collects more than £58m in earnings and bonuses in 16 months

A City banker has collected £58.6m in earnings in less than a year and a half, it was revealed yesterday.

Investment firm Sloane Robinson confirmed that the huge sum was paid out to the unnamed hedge fund manager.

He was one of 10 partners at the firm who shared a £208m pot between them in the 16 months to March 2006.

Employees at Goldman Sachs investment bank are also set to cash in on an average Christmas bonus of £319,000 each this month, according to experts.

More than 4,000 City of London staff at the US bank are expected to receive £1m each after Goldman Sachs revealed it would pay out a staggering £8.3bn in salaries, bonuses and other financial incentives.

The Centre for Economics and Business Research said senior executives could also expect to be rewarded with £10m each in bonuses.

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