Barack Obama’s communication secrets revealed in new presentations training programme from Video Arts

Five ‘communication secrets’ that Barack Obama used in his campaign to win the US presidency are revealed in a new DVD training programme from Video Arts, which shows how to become a more engaging and more persuasive speaker or presenter.

Called The Five Secrets of Effective Communication, the DVD is presented by communications coach Richard Greene, who uses video clips of public speeches by Barack Obama to illustrate each point.

“Barack Obama is a charismatic persuader and a remarkable orator who impressed America and the world with his ability to inspire and unite, to convey a vision of accomplishment and to stimulate action,” said Martin Addison, Managing Director of Video Arts. “This DVD package shows the communication techniques he uses. They’re used by all of the world’s great speakers and they can help you to make more effective presentations and improve your communication with your colleagues, customers and friends.”

The five secrets revealed in the programme are how to use your voice tone and your body language to add power, feeling and impact to every word; how to turn the data and information you want to share into a compelling and memorable message; how to connect with the audience by turning your speech or your presentation into a personal conversation; how to use the ‘four languages of human communication’  (visual, auditory, auditory-digital and kinaesthetic), to get your message across, and how to tap into your ‘authentic passion’ for your subject or idea, to make it come alive for your listeners.

Top tips from the programme include: tell stories; vary the volume, pitch and speed when you speak; punctuate your words; pause to break up what you’re saying and allow people to digest it; stand tall; make eye contact; use gestures; speak with your hands; stay centred; concentrate your words into a simple, identifiable message; be fully connected with the audience; use a conversational style; create images with your words; use easy-to-understand language; ignite the fire within you before you speak to others; find the most fascinating and compelling thing about your subject and let that guide your communication; be honest and always be authentic.

Priced £599, the programme includes a 47-minute DVD and a CDROM with support materials including a facilitator’s guide, PowerPoint slides, participant workbooks and reminder cards.

“Everything is included to help anyone run their own training session, including discussion points, recaps of each lesson and practical advice and exercises to help people develop their communication skills,” said Martin Addison. “Employees who are better communicators and presenters are an invaluable asset to any organisation.”

Richard Greene, the programme presenter, helped Princess Diana to overcome her fear of public speaking in 1996. He has coached world leaders and senior managers in Fortune 500 companies to enhance their business and personal communication skills.


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