Benefits do not apply to everyone

I am writing following Patricia Hewitt’s suggestion that a future Labour Government will further extend maternity and paternity benefits and extend flexible working rights to carers.

These proposals are fantastic news for parents-to-be, but not for those who run a business around employees who can take long periods of time off at the drop of a hat.

Many City companies try to accommodate the needs of employees who have caring responsibilities, whether for a child or a relative.

However, enshrining this in legislation and extending the scope of the benefits places significant additional costs on companies. On top of that, those employees who do not qualify for these benefits and who have to cover for their colleagues’ absence may resent the extra burden.

While such initiatives are welcome in theory, the way they are implemented needs to be considered carefully so that a benefit for one employee is not granted at the expense of another.

Ken Brotherston
Chairman, Morgan McKinley

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