Blunkett announces National Training Award winners

Coca Cola and Fox’s biscuits were among the fifteen winners at the national training awards held today in London’s Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.

David Blunkett, secretary of state for education and employment said the awards "reflected the growing importance of life long learning to individuals and organisations."

Skillstart manager Winnie McCann received an award on the behalf of Coca Cola for introducing a two year programme for 18-23 year olds which provides GNVQ Level 3 training on manufacturing and distribution.

She said: "60 per cent of the young people involved in the programme have successfully applied for jobs in Coca Cola."

Since the programme started four years ago, 200 young people have attended the course.

Fox’s biscuits introduced a training programme to revolutionise manufacturing processes within the company.

Over the past four years the worst performing division in the company has become the most profitable.


By Karen Higginbottom

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