Bosses lack knowledge to recruit marketing execs

companies are wasting thousands of pounds recruiting the wrong people for
marketing roles they know nothing about, according to experts.

survey conducted by Marketing Professionals UK, the marketing recruitment
consultancy, revealed that 63 per cent of bosses admitted they knew "very
little" about modern marketing techniques.

Cainer of Marketing Professionals UK, said this lack of knowledge made it
difficult for companies to get the right person for highly sought-after
marketing jobs.

are wasting a lot of money, time and effort on searching for marketers without
fully understanding what their job role will be,” he said. “The use of
confusing jargon in the marketing industry compounds the problem, as well as
the vast array of job titles."

separate survey recently found that marketing has more job titles than any
other profession, with more than 150 different marketing job titles seen in the

By Michael Millar

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