Bouncers given more time to gain licence to operate

Pubs and clubs across London have been given more time to avert a bouncer recruitment crisis, after security professionals were given an extended window in which to apply for their licences to operate.

The Metropolitan Police Service has agreed not to prosecute bouncers who do not have a valid Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence until 5 June, although door staff must prove they have applied for the licence.

Eric Illsley, MP for Barnsley South, called for the Government to extend the deadline for licence applications across the whole country. About 13,500 door workers out of a possible 100,000 have been approved so far, he said.

Hundreds of clubs and pubs could be forced to shut down due to a shortage of licensed security staff.

Although the matter was debated in the House of Commons yesterday, Illsley said that there was little hope of an official extension across all areas.

“It is a question of waiting and seeing what the government has to say. The impending election may have an impact on this,” he said.

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