In an HR context, “competencies” means the skills and attributes of an individual that enables him or her to perform effectively at work.

Employers can use the skills, knowledge and behaviours possessed by employees to help improve levels of organisational performance.

TUC taskforce to address ‘punitive’ use of AI in staff monitoring

With the use of AI growing during the Covid pandemic a taskforce aims to protect workers from punitive ways of working.

Personnel Today Awards 2020: Innovation in Recruitment shortlist

2 Nov 2020

With just a few weeks until we celebrate the Personnel Today Awards 2020, we profile the shortlisted organisations. The latest...

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Personnel Today Awards 2020: Talent Management Award shortlist

26 Oct 2020

We continue our countdown to the Personnel Today Awards 2020 by taking a closer look at the organisations shortlisted for...

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Pandemic has changed the skills employers desire

24 Jun 2020

There will be a shift in the skills and behaviours employers will be looking for in job candidates as organisations...

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Why ‘talent’ is no longer a useful term for business

16 May 2019

As the requirements for future leaders change, is it time to do away with the concept of focusing only on a select few?

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Intuition ‘very important’ in recruitment for nine in 10 leaders

14 Mar 2019

Ninety-six per cent of business leaders say intuition is a “very important” skill in hiring and promoting staff, with a...

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military personnel and civilians at PC

Businesses gunning for cyber skills should consider ex-forces personnel

21 Sep 2018

Recent research highlights how much companies could gain in fields such as cyber security from recruiting ex-armed services staff, writes...

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Mindset and match: recruiting millennials is about more than speed

4 Aug 2016

Speeding up recruitment processes may appease applicants, but it won’t get to the heart of why some employers are failing...

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Accenture receive Innovation in Recruitment Award 2014.

Personnel Today Awards 2014 winners: Accenture take top prize for recruitment innovation

12 Dec 2014

The Personnel Today Award for Innovation in Recruitment was given to Accenture for doubling it's amount of hires after the introduction of new technology...

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BITC model to improve employee wellness and engagement

14 Feb 2011

A business model from corporate responsibility organisation BITC can improve employee wellness and engagement, says Louise Aston.Sickness absence costs UK...

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Civilians replacing police to investigate serious crimes

24 Nov 2009

Civilian staff are being used by police forces to investigate serious crimes, it has emerged.The new workers have already been...

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FSA vetting leads 10% of applicants for top bank jobs to drop out

1 Sep 2009

Almost one in 10 applications for senior jobs in the financial sector has been withdrawn since the Financial Services Authority (FSA)...

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Employer-college link-up call to close ‘soft skills’ gap among graduates

19 Mar 2009

Employers should wise up to working with colleges, schools and universities to ensure future job candidates possess appropriate skills, according...

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Haringey Council struggles to recruit social workers in wake of Baby P tragedy

27 Jan 2009

The Baby P case has sparked a recruitment crisis in the social care sector as local authorities struggle to deal...

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Competency-based interviews and online psychometric tests are best for choosing candidates

10 Mar 2008

Introducing or improving competency-based interviews and online psychometric tests have been the most effective changes employers have made to their...

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