British Stammering Association right to try to remove ‘mocking’ videos from YouTube

I applaud the British Stammering Association for trying to remove the videos on of people stammering that are just put there for the purposes of ridicule and mockery (Speech defects, Legal Q&A, Personnel Today, 16 October). People who stammer deserve protection from such degradation and abuse.

Like most people who stammer, I faced ridicule and rejection during my school days. It is disheartening to see that not much has changed in the past 30 years. When I speak to the parents of children who stutter, I recommend the resources of the Stuttering Foundation because it offers several books and DVDs on how kids should handle teasing and verbal abuse. Also, its website ( has a list of famous people who stutter, which shows you can overcome a stutter and be successful. Some famous people are on the list, including Bruce Willis, Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe, King George VI, Tiger Woods and Julia Roberts.

But I wish we could live in a world in which the same protection from discrimination and abuse that is given to people with other disabilities is given to people who stutter.

Enrique Horta
New York

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