Bullying is down to perception and role

I read with interest your news article about managers being bullied (Personnel Today, 20 September) and especially the statistics from the Royal Navy.

I am an ex-charge chief petty officer air engineering artificer with 25 years’ service. I have been employed for 13 years by British Airways (BA) as the chief instructor engineering (training manager) at Cardiff.

From experience I know that if I spoke to civilians (who have no prior military background) at BA in the same way or using the same language that I often used when in the Royal Navy, or currently to ex-service persons at BA, I would probably be classed as a bully.

You will probably find that a large proportion of the personnel working for the Royal Navy as civil servants are ex-servicemen and women, which is probably why there have been only five complaints from civilian staff working for the Royal Navy.

Roy Chin
Chief instructor
British Airways Maintenance Cardiff

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