Career Broadcaster launches website for recruiters

Visit and you can see, hear and engage with real examples of recruiter and human resources film, video and radio production used to dynamically promote career opportunities to modern day jobseekers.

 The website explains how recruiters, internal communicators and HR practitioners can partner with RBN to produce all forms of media content.

The site offers a range of recruitment and career broadcasting tools including the company’s innovative recruitment video streaming platform which provides high quality video streaming and hosting for as little as £95.00 per month. Other sections of the website that offer on-line demonstrations include  ‘Recruitment Agency TV’ a digital signage solution for agencies using plasma screens on their premises. 
Recruit Broadcast Media is a full service media production and broadcast company for the recruitment industry. Our team has 19 years in the recruitment business and over 15 years in TV and radio broadcasting.

We are passionate about pioneering dynamic, digital media solutions for the HR and the Recruitment industry to engage with ‘on demand’ job seekers.With a network of digital radio, production and video recording studios, we work on a national and international level. Our combined recruitment and broadcast industry experience gives us a unique insight into recruitment media needs, making us your ideal media partner.

We create premium content tailored to your business requirements, whilst developing broadcast delivery solutions for every budget. We work closely with our clients every step of the way to ensure they have a product that delivers a great return on their investment.

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