CBI concerned over national identity scheme

CBI has expressed concerns over the introduction of a national identity scheme,
warning that companies will end up carrying the can if there are errors.

response to the Home Office’s consultation on the ID card draft bill, the
employers’ body said it accepted there was a compelling case for the scheme,
but was "particularly concerned that the Government will not accept
liability when companies use information on the ID registry that turns out to
be wrong".

accepted that ID cards could help to prevent illegal working, but said the
Government should avoid shifting responsibility for the prevention of illegal
workers "too far on to the shoulders of compliant workers".

Home Office estimates that identity theft costs business £1.3bn a year.

CBI added: "Businesses can’t be policemen on this – it would be wrong to
hold businesses to account and make them face legal and financial
responsibility for any failures of the scheme."

By Mike Berry

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