Change sparks employees to move jobs

A change of boss, longer hours or company relocation are among the top reasons why people might consider quitting their jobs, research shows.

Nearly three-quarters of employees said they would think about looking for a new job if their company changed location.

Two thirds said they would not stay if they thought there had been a reduction in their career prospects.
And about 57% of workers said they would consider leaving their job if asked to work more overtime, rising to 73% among women.

The research, conducted by HR consultants The Rialto Consultancy, found that nearly a quarter of people would rethink their employment if assigned a new boss.

Just over half of men would look for a job elsewhere if they were assigned a younger boss, and 22% would consider leaving if they had to work for a woman.

The company said: “This research points out that people are still very wary of change. If employers change terms or conditions in the workplace, they have to be prepared for the fact that employees may leave.”

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