Channel 4’s relocation could see up to 90% take redundancy

channel 4 relocation
Channel 4's London headquarters.
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Up to 90% of staff at Channel 4 are considering taking redundancy because of plans to relocate away from London, it has been reported.

According to the Guardian, only a relatively small number of staff have indicated that they would move from the broadcaster’s central London base to its planned new national headquarters in Leeds and two “creative hubs” in Bristol and Glasgow, as part of its “4 All the UK” strategy.

Around 300 of its 800 roles are expected to be moved out of the capital this year, with the first departments expected to move over the summer. However, the Guardian has reported only a relatively small number of these employees plan to relocate, with 80% to 90% of London-based staff expecting to take redundancy.

It has also been estimated that 40% of the 300 jobs will be workers who were previously working for outsourced units, such as IT.

Staff who wish to take redundancy are being offered one month’s salary for each year of service, with no upper limit.

A Channel 4 spokesperson said the broadcaster was still in consultation with its staff, so it was unable to comment on how many would be taking redundancy. However, it noted that the relocation is on a much smaller scale than the BBC’s move to Salford in 2012.

“The 4 All the UK strategy is a transformational long-term investment in the future of Channel 4. It will enable Channel 4 to reach new stories, ideas and talent from across the UK that others are not able to, deliver new creative and commercial benefits for the organisation, and will generate jobs and growth in the creative economy outside of London,” the spokesperson said.

The broadcaster’s former chief executive David Abraham has previously warned that up to 80% of staff would rather leave the organisation than move out of London.

According to the National Audit Office, 38% of the BBC’s workforce affected by its move to Salford  voluntarily relocated in 2010.

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