Chiumento challenges resourcing market with new offer

Chiumento, an integrated talent consultancy, will launch a range of new resourcing solutions in a move set to shake up the recruitment industry.

From April, Chiumento will offer Executive Search at half the price of the traditional model, while retaining the high quality already established by their HR interim service.

They will also provide permanent and flexible professional HR staffing solutions which include interim management.

Ian Gooden, newly appointed director of Resourcing Solutions, comments:

“Our new Search service is firmly rooted in feedback from senior in-house recruiters. Many are disillusioned with the costs and practices associated with traditional search providers and want a fresh approach without the “smoke and mirrors” that often shroud this area of recruitment.

“We will focus on salaries between £80-120k and our aim is to help organisations acquire the talent that drives better business performance. In today’s cost-conscious climate we believe our approach will provide our clients with substantially better value for money without compromising quality.” 

He adds “In a recession, the top talent hides: people focus on just keeping their job. The only way to reach them is by tapping them on the shoulder.

Organisations need talented people now more than ever, and we will be helping them hire the talented people they need to survive.”

On the Chiumento offering of Executive Search and HR staffing solutions, he comments “Flexible resourcing is an increasingly necessary and useful way of controlling costs – and one that is no longer restricted to senior HR roles. Evidence suggests that it will be more attractive for both candidates and organisations – with demand for operational skills as well as for strategic and project management skills.

“This approach will enable organisations to be more agile and give them the opportunity to manage change more effectively.”

Although the new services will be officially launched in April, Chiumento is already helping clients in these areas.

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