CIPD against Europe-wide directors’ pay rules

European Union (EU) should not legislate to impose a Europe-wide
‘one-size-fits-all’ restriction on directors’ remuneration, according to the
Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

to the Internal Market Directorate General (IMDG) consultation document, Fostering
an appropriate regime for the remuneration of directors, the CIPD stressed that
national governments should be left to put in place a minimum legislative
framework to set boundaries and prevent abuse.

Cotton, reward adviser at the CIPD, said: "EU-level legislation on this
matter is not necessary. National provision can do the job more effectively.

has to be a careful balance to ensure that remuneration packages meet the needs
of the organisation, its directors and its shareholders. A one-size-fits-all
legislative approach could disturb this balance," he said.

said the CIPD supported reward transparency, but not requirements for
businesses to adopt remuneration strategies or practices that are not in their

Mike Berry

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