CIPD conference – Lowest morale in public sector

Employees in central Government have the lowest levels of commitment and satisfaction than any other group of staff despite having top class systems of people management and development, according to the report The Psychological Contract in the Public Sector.

Launched at the CIPD national conference today (Weds October 25) , it reveals that employees in central Government report themselves as having the least trust in management and a less positive work-life balance.

Commenting on the report, Mike Emmott, Adviser in Employee Relations at CIPD, said the low levels of satisfaction could be linked to the fact that 65 per cent of central Government respondents reported major change over the past 12 months compared with an average of 55 per cent.

Geoff Armstrong, Director General of CIPD, added, ‘It is not enough simply to have in place a range of people management and development practices. How they are implemented and used and how change is managed are critical to the outcome.’



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