CIPD survey reveals the importance of employer branding in recruitment and retention strategies

Employers will need to develop a strong company brand reputation to attract top talent, a Chartered 
Institute of Personnel and Development 
(CIPD) recruitment conference will stress this week.

According to figures from the annual CIPD talent management, recruitment and retention survey released last week, three-quarters of organisations that use employer branding as a recruitment tool believe it is effective.

Tom Crawford, head of brand at Deloitte and Sara Hay-Jahans, head of industry recruitment and training at British Horseracing will explain practical insights about developing strong brand reputation values that will attract high-performing candidates.
Jahans said: “Like many organisations and industries, British racing is facing challenges in recruiting and retaining staff across a wide range of areas. How racing brands and markets itself as an employer, both internally and externally, plays a critical role in our recruitment and retention strategies which, in turn, are designed to enable the industry to meet its challenges and continue to grow.”

Sally Humpage, CIPD employee relations and diversity adviser, said: “Employer branding is increasingly being used to help attract, recruit and retain talent within businesses, issues which are seen as top priorities for HR. Attracting and engaging the best individuals is no easy task in a continuing tight labour market.”

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