Liverpool City Council’s health and safety officers plan to ask residents to refrain from smoking prior to staff visits

Health and safety officers at Liverpool City Council have drawn up plans requesting residents to not smoke at least half an hour before council staff visit.

The proposal is part of a no smoking policy to stop officers from being exposed to smoke, and is in line with the smoking ban in all public workplaces from 1 July.  A spokesperson for Liverpool city council denied that it was an attempt to ban people from smoking in their own homes.
The spokesperson said: “If a member of staff visits a resident’s home, for example a carer, social worker, environmental health officer or planner, this venue is then classed as a workplace for the purpose of the visit.
“We are asking people not to smoke for around 30 minutes before the appointment takes place, or recommend that they hold the meeting in a room where cigarettes haven’t been smoked. 
“This is a request, nothing more, nothing less. We’re sure most people will recognise this is a reasonable request for the health and safety of our staff,” the spokesperson said.
The plans are have not yet been approved by the executive board and will come under review by the council’s resources and corporate services select committee tomorrow.

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