CIPD survey shows market is ripe for a surge in cost-effective online recruitment

A recent survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) shows that although the proportion of firms planning to implement a recruitment freeze in 2010 has almost halved since last year (22% compared to 42% in 2009), over two-thirds of UK companies are still experiencing recruitment difficulties that, in many cases, are caused by a reductions in their resourcing budget.

The CIPD’s latest Resourcing and Talent Planning survey revealed that over half (53%) of the 500 organisations that took part felt the recession has hit their resourcing budget for 2010. This makes current market conditions ripe for cost-effective online recruitment marketplaces like, which give employers access to a much wider pool of candidates than ever before, while affording them the opportunity to set their own recruitment fee and, therefore, significantly reduce their resourcing budget.

“The concept of an online recruitment marketplace is new to UK employers and it is important that they understand the benefits of platforms like,” said Stuart Murray, Managing Director of “An online recruitment marketplace is free to use. It is simply a platform that connects employers to a nationwide network of fully vetted, independent recruitment agencies that will compete to fill vacancies for a fixed fee that the employer sets.

“We find that the employers using reduce their recruitment spend by anything up to 50%,” continued Murray. “However, although employers are cutting costs, they still receive an excellent level of service from a national network of more than 400 specialist recruiters. At the same time they are tapping into a much wider pool of talent that they would have done had they commissioned one or two local recruitment agencies, or stuck to their Preferred Supplier List.”

The CIPD survey also showed that attracting and recruiting key staff is the top resourcing objective for eight in ten (79%) of the 500 businesses questioned, which once again adds weight to Murray’s argument that the online recruitment marketplace model, which gives employers access to more recruiters and therefore more candidates, is a concept that has merit in difficult market conditions.

Claire McCartney, CIPD resourcing and talent planning adviser, said: “Limited budgets mean organisations and HR departments have to think creatively – doing more for less is not so easy.” Now that exists, however, doing more for less just got a hell of a lot easier.

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