CIPD welcomes Government approach to consultation directive

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has welcomed the
Government’s ‘flexible’ approach to the Information and Consultation Directive.

European legislation is designed to encourage more communication and
negotiation, with employers and staff coming together to discuss the future of
the business.

the rules, which are to be phased in by 2005 for large companies, bosses would
have to inform and consult with staff over business issues such as redundancies
or contractual relations.

companies feared the directive would be potentially damaging and force them to
discuss business decisions, but the CIPD said it would help motivate and engage
the workforce.

Emmott, head of employee relations at the CIPD said: "This is not the bad
news story that some employers had feared. The draft regulations present HR
directors with an opportunity to push employee communications right up the
corporate agenda. 

is an issue about the bottom line, and about winning hearts and minds.
Employers need to establish relationships based on trust if employees are to be
engaged in and committed to their work. 
Information and consultation are key tools in the process of winning
trust," he added. 

said the flexibility of the Government’s position would allow employees to
continue with existing good practice and still satisfy the requirements of the

means, for example, that where employers currently inform and consult their
employees directly, rather than through representatives, they can continue to
do so provided staff are happy with the arrangements. 

Ross Wigham

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