Consultation will mean massive change for employers

Government’s plans to make organisations consult staff about business decisions
will present a massive challenge for many companies.

is the view of the Work Foundation in response to the Government’s consultation
document High Performance Workplaces – informing and consulting employees.

document outlines the Government’s plans for implementing the EU Information
and Consultation Directive, which comes into force for larger companies in

Hutton, chief executive of the Work Foundation, said: "These proposals
have the potential to transform the way this country conducts relations at

DTI’s framework approach allows organisations to build on good practice, and
means far more organisations stand to benefit from the new, more productive
climate offered by open dialogue between employers and employees.”

said the new consultation law is likely to require a major training offensive
by employers and unions to ensure representatives are equipped to cope with the
challenges of more frequent and demanding dialogue about business plans.

there is much excellent practice among leading and progressive employers,
ministers must plan for a sustained campaign of information and guidance so
that the rest of business sees the benefits of complying with the new
legislation,” he said.

Ben Willmott

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