Comedy company comes up with spontaneous solutions for charisma-bypass managers

If any of your managers has the charisma of a wastepaper bin, help could be at hand.

London comedy company The Spontaneity Shop (TSS) has launched open charisma training courses for business and professional people. Head trainer Deborah Frances-White said the courses will give even the most uncharismatic attendees more charisma than they had on arrival.

“Most people assume charisma is something you either have or don’t. But you can be charismatic without being very tall, tremendously good-looking or wildly rich and successful. Charismatic people behave in a charismatic way, and behaviour is something that can be taught and practised.

“Charismatic people are confident, in control and warm towards others.”

Frances-White said TSS has run many charisma training programmes for corporate clients. “They don’t like to be named, but they have included the BBC and several banks and accountancy firms. I’ve done quite a lot of work with executives at Swiss banks.”

The open courses cost £295 per delegate and are held in central London. The next ones are: 25 April and 30 May.

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