Communication is the key to coaching success

I was concerned by the coaching research (Personnel Today, 10 January), which suggested that a third of employers have no idea what staff learn from individual coaching.

Organisations need to take responsibility for setting the context of coaching – by agreeing clear objectives and measures, coaches can design a programme that meets both the individual and business need.

When a company introduces one-to-one coaching, a three-way conversation should take place between a company sponsor, the executive and the coach.

This is an ideal opportunity for the corporate sponsor to set the context of the coaching and agree outcomes.

This three-way conversation should be repeated half way though the programme to discuss progress, as well as at the end. A method of measuring progress should also be established (for example, pre- and post-360-degree feedback) to ensure these aims are met.

Coaching is a proven tool for enhancing business performance – and so long as these measures are put in place, companies should feel in control and be able to quantify tangible benefits from the programme.

Carole Gaskell
Founder and managing director, Full Potential Group

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